Just Enjoy the Ozzy and Keep Your Mouth Shut

While I understand where Canucks management is coming from being open and transparent, all they do is create more opportunities to look incompetent and create controversies.


Back-to-Back Awfulness, Kinda

Back-to-back shutout losses for the #Canucks isn’t all bad. Wait what did I just say?! In denial of more disappointment, but more so confused as to what Canucks Management is doing.

A Pair of Debuts

Troy Stecher and Jayson Megna made their debuts and despite getting a pair of minus-1s looked pretty solid.

Holy Icing

The Canucks put in an effort that would shame a team 20 points out of the playoffs in March.

The NHL Lost the Battle for Europe

After living in the capital of the United Kingdom for roughly nine months now, its clear it was ripe for the picking with zero competition from the NHL.