Football in Stuttgart

I went to my second football match in Germany and it just reaffirms how great they are at hosting sporting events.


Stuttgart Christmas Market

I have been to Stuttgart three times now for work and always come in early to enjoy the German city. So here’s what I got up to this time.

What Was That?!

The Canucks won, but that’s not the story. The fact is they won a game they haven’t been able to win this entire year. They faced some adversities and came out smelling like roses.

Rewriting History in Vancouver

When going through a slump like the Canucks are, it’s easy to miss past days when things were brighter. But lets not get carried away with how we remember the Gillis-AV era.

Sentimentality Means Nothing

Sentimentality is great for scrapbooks, but $14m on the books is not what you need when you aren’t a contender.