Peace Out London

One year ago, thanks for the reminders Facebook, I made the move to London. When I was first presented with the opportunity my reaction was “Well shit, I have to say yes, right?” Nothing against London, but I absolutely loved living in Portland. My professional life wasn’t exactly great, so I was looking for a change anyway, but this was a bit extreme.

Well, spoiler alert, I said yes because I could not in good conscious turn down this offer. Well my first instincts about my professional career were correct, I did need to make a change. I quickly realized this side of the Atlantic was worse than the other. However, I made the most of it.

I knew ten people who lived in Europe from when I lived in Australia, and four more ended up moving to London after I arrived which was amazing. I had gone seven long years without seeing these people in the flesh, and although time is a bitch (mainly on my tolerance) it was incredible to go from an occasional Facebook message, to hanging out with them a few times a week.

I also met a lot of great new people here. I try to never have regrets, because even when things go sideways you learn what not to do. However, I’ve spent enough time with this company learning what not to do. So much so it has started to impact my career, since I am not learning what to do it’s so backward.

Halfway into my London stint I am now heading back to Portland, jobless, phone-less, and happy as a pig in shit. I hate the unknown, and still struggle with it, but I’ve never been happier at the moment. I’m taking the long way to see some friends in Australia, staying with a great friend when I get back, and already have tickets to the Timbers home opener waiting for me.

I have zero clue where I am going to work, or what I will be doing. Hell, I don’t even know what my phone number is going to be. I do know one thing though, the cream always rises to top.


I also know I am going to do more things that make me happy, like spend more time following the Canucks. Yeah, that’s how messed up I am, that team actually makes me happy. But as much as I bitch about them, it’s a nice escape from being an adult, because that shit sucks.


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