Why You Don’t Go To Miami Before A Playoff Game

Going to Miami and partying on a boat before a playoff game is stupid, but not for reasons you may think. You’re just giving people a reason to hate you.


Consistently Inconsistent

If the Canucks have shown any consistency this season it’s been their inconsistent performances, which are plentiful and frustrating.

Sign Megna and Skille Right Now!

The Canucks smoked the Lightning, with Skille and Megna snagging too, and big Erik Gudbranson grabbing his first as a Canuck.

Bumming Around Dublin

I spent last weekend in Ireland seeing friends, watching sports, and, of course, drinking. Ireland is always a good time, and while the shenanigans were more subdued this time, it was still fun.

Football in Stuttgart

I went to my second football match in Germany and it just reaffirms how great they are at hosting sporting events.

Stuttgart Christmas Market

I have been to Stuttgart three times now for work and always come in early to enjoy the German city. So here’s what I got up to this time.